Proacademy visit

During the first week of May Mondragon Team Academy University got a Finnish team company Suuntaviitta from ProAkatemia to spend a week collaborating with them.

The goal of the trip was to develop and deepen the friendship with the two universities. The visitors wanted to see how the similar education model works in a different culture and environment. One important goal of the trip was sharing the best practices and knowledge between the two communities.

During ten days in Basque Country the 14 Proacademy students and two professors got a nice overlook of student life in Mondragon LEINN-program. The young entrepreneurs of Suuntaviitta were able to take part in different occasions of the special Team Academy studying methods, such as Houston Calls, practical workshop about the art of pitching run by Aitor Lizartza and training sessions of the local team companies. The coaching team had also a successful time making decisions considering the next autumn when two Basque teams will spend one month in Proacademy.

Suuntaviitta team entrepreneurs were very excited about their stay. Besides the educational side they also enjoyed the lifestyle and atmosphere of the Basque Country. “The most memorable moments of the trip were watching the game of Athletic Bilbao and visiting the best places in Donostia in the game of Ginkana.”, says Kalle Heltonen, the web developer of Suuntaviitta.

What is Proacademy?

Proacademy is a special unit in entrepreneurship at TAMK University of Applied Sciences in Tampere, Finland. It’s located in the city center of Tampere in the beautiful and historical area of Finlayson. Proacademy students begin their path of entrepreneurship by starting their own cooperative companies after the first year of basic business/computer science lectures. Learning is based on learning-by-doing, reading the latest business world publications and sharing and generating knowledge with the community.

Students at Proacademy become professionals by working while studying. The cooperative companies run various projects for a wide range of customers. The main focus is on marketing campaigns, web design, customer base studies, marketing studies, graphical design, events, promotions, training and other services. Also, many Proacademy teams develop their own services or products.


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    Henna said,

    Hey that’s news to me: 2 LEINN teams go to ProAcademy next autumn. That’s great! Are you coming to Jyväskylä too?

    • 2

      Sain said,

      Hey Henna!!! How are you?
      Yes, we’re just exploring the possibility of being in ProAcademy for some weeks with our teampreneurs. We will love to be also en Jyvaskyla, we’re still working on it. Practical arrangements are not easy and we want to build a win-win relation with Team Academy from now on.

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